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✓ Olive Wood   ✓ Honey Jar & Deeper    ✓ Handmade Natural 

Handmade honey jar with deeper from natural olive wood. This olive wood dispenser with lid is uniquely handmade, carved from the magnificent grained olive wood. These types of carving have been around for hundreds of years, but they are still considered an amazing art. A high-quality honey pot made with passion, that adds a simple yet authentic touch to any home. As our products are handmade from natural wood and because of the beautiful grain found in the wood, each piece is unique there are no two alike. Not just a beautiful, natural product but also a multi-functional dispenser. Initially designed as a honey pot however you may use it to keep a lot of different products, a useful rustic style kitchen utensil. Such a beautiful product would make a perfect gift for any occasion, such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, new home, retirement, Christmas etc.  

• Measurements: 5 inches high 
• Honey jar and deeper 
• Uniquely carved from olive wood 
• Handmade and hand carved • Environment friendly, sustainable sourced wood from olive trees that no longer bear fruit 
• Each piece is craved from durable wood is shaped and sanded, then polished with olive oil to moisturize the surface and bring out the beautiful color and grain pattern 
• Makes a unique gift

Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, USPS are facing increased staff shortages and we are seeing normal delivery times extended by a some days, please be patience and will keep you posted if there is any changes. 

**** Care Instructions

The following care instructions will maintain your board's natural color and grain. Olive wood is a very hard wood and will last a lifetime if it is properly looked after.
Do not put your olive wood item in the dishwasher or leave in standing water. Hand wash only using hot, light soapy water. 
Oil regularly using a natural food-safe mineral oil, or any other food grade cooking oil, such as coconut, olive, sunflower oil, etc. Rub a small amount of oil onto the wood using a kitchen towel. 
If you plan to use your board for vegetables and meat, then to avoid contamination, we recommend either using a designated side for each or using separate boards for each food type.

Olive Wood Honey jar

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